Patient Reviews

Autumn H.

After Invisalign

“From the moment I set foot into the office of Stamm Dental, I felt right at home. The entire staff is AMAZING! Everyone is conversational, warm and bubbly. Wait times are short, I never feel rushed and I ALWAYS feel very cared for. My teeth are perfect! I just finished 9 months of Invisalign and I couldn’t be happier with the results. My crowded teeth are now better than I imagined and my bite is corrected most importantly. I can not speak highly enough about my experience. I cannot stop smiling!!!”


Damien L.

“I recently had to have cosmetic dentistry on my upper front teeth after being in an accident. I had to have root canals on three of my front teeth and also capped and one veneer placed on another. I did my research thoroughly to find the best cosmetic dentist in Colorado and going off the reviews I found Stamm Dental. As soon as I walked in, I was kindly greeted and the staff came up with a treatment plan for me and I had all of my front teeth fixed in about a week and only 3 visits. The work they performed was immaculate and I love my new and improved smile! I couldn’t have asked for better work. I would recommend Stamm Dental to anyone, especially my own family and friends. I truly appreciate the time and effort they put into the dental work that I had done. Not to mention, they have the kindest, most welcoming staff! The level of professionalism and personal courtesy was absolutely above par and greatly appreciated! Stamm Dental is definitely #1!”

BeforePatient's mouth before cosmetic dentistry Patient's face before cosmetic dentistry


Patient's mouth after cosmetic dentistry Patient's face after cosmetic dentistry



Photo of Damien - Patient

Peter K.

Extreme wear and erosion breakdown–full mouth reconstruction

“Flat out the best dentist/dental practice that I’ve ever been to. The entire staff is amazing. They always greet you with a smile, all are very positive, knowledgeable, and helpful. People often equate a trip to the dentist with pain, but that is never the case at Stamm Dental. Never have I left the office without feeling that the Doctor’s and all of the staff truly care for their patients. They all work with a gentle touch that makes dental not as scary/painful as most people think it would be. ”


Patient's face before full mouth reconstruction
Patient's smile before full mouth reconstruction
Patient's mouth before full mouth reconstruction


Patient's face after full mouth reconstruction
Patient's smile after full mouth reconstructionPatient's mouth after full mouth reconstruction
Photo of Peter - Patient

Iris J.

“It was a nice surprise to finish the Invisalign treatment in less than a year. Wearing the trays was a bit of a nuisance at times, but I knew that the closer I followed the rules, the sooner I would have straight teeth. Now, at nearly 80 years of age, I have straight teeth and no longer fear pictures being taken of me which showed those crooked lower teeth. All in all, it was a good experience. ”

 Bottom teeth before InvisalignTop teeth before Invisalign
 Top teeth after InvisalignBottom teeth after Invisalign
“As a patient seeking help for my dental concerns, I have always had a challenging time finding a dentist who is willing to help me improve my teeth, my smile, and my overall confidence. I have been told my teeth are “great” by some, and that “extensive cosmetic surgery is needed” by others. Needless to say, after having braces as a child, gum/tooth surgeries to repair the damage from the braces in my teens, and having tooth implants and jaw pain as an adult, I am lost when it comes to the health of my teeth. 
After months of suffering with jaw pain, I made the decision to find a dentist who would listen and help me with my oral health- not someone who would tell me I was fine or just needed more work, rather, someone who could tell me what was going on, why, and how to plan for next steps. I called Stamm Dental and met with Dr. Kai and was instantly ready to plan for my future. His expertise and demeanor is comforting and honest, and no matter what, he has options for you that work with who you are and how you feel about your situation. The office staff and team of hygienists are equally as amazing; they helped me every step of the way and continue to check up on me after my visits. I am welcomed with open arms and friendship every time I arrive for an appointment. 
I can honestly say that Stamm Dental has provided me with confidence to tackle my oral health concerns and with their solutions, begin working towards a plan to make my teeth and my mouth the best that they can be.”
– Katherine I.

“A big shout out to Dr. Stamm and the Stamm Dental team! Dr. Kai is my regular treating dentist, but he was out of town. Dr. Stamm was nice enough to step in to replace a lost filling on short notice. The staff was friendly, helpful, and efficient. Thanks so much!!”
 Erika L.

“As always, the office staff are not only courteous but friendly, the office (and Julie) run like clockwork, my teeth are clean and I am happy. Keep up the great work — you all make going to the dentist pleasant. Oh yes, thank you for the use of the WiFi. I got a lot of work done while waiting for my Mother’s appointment to be finished.”
 Anne S.

“Dr. Stamm is an amazing selfless professional , all of her staff are highly trained, they provide tons of comforts. (the office is relaxing , they offer you warm blankets, they have an amazing movie selection that plays on a flat screen above you! they even give you a numbing swish if wanted before a cleaning!) if you’re a high anxiety person like me they do all that can be done to calm you, and they do dental work that you would think could only be seen in Hollywood! they treat every patient like a star! they have blessed me with confidence and a great smile! thank you stamm dental! ( ask for Sharon if you need a cleaning!) “
 Emily S.

“On a scale of 1-10, 1 being “I rather donate my left hand” and 10 being “I love the dentist I wish I could go every day!”, I went from a 2 to an 8 on the scale after visiting Stamm! Friendly staff, clean comfortable environment.”
 Grace C.

“I truly enjoyed my experience at Stamm Dental, the office is very well put together and the staff very friendly and happy! In particular my hygienist Jenni was very gentle and eased my anxiousness that I usually have while at the dentist. She did an awesome and thorough job with my cleaning and I would highly recommend her, as she was also very knowledgeable. “
 Melissa C.