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Orthodontic Treatment

Before Treatment

Before orthodontic treatment
Before orthodontic treatment

During Treatment

During orthodontic treatment
During orthodontic treatment



Before Invisalign Before Invisalign
After Invisalign After Invisalign


Tooth Colored Fillings

 Before tooth-colored fillings
 After tooth-colored fillings


Veneers Before and After

Before porcelain veneers

After porcelain veneers


 Crowns Before and After

Before dental crowns Before dental crowns
After dental crowns After dental crowns


front implant bridge from losing teeth due to trauma 

 Dental implants in a patient's mouth before crowns
 Dental implants in a patient's mouth after crowns


frenectomy with laser on a 3 year old 

Before frenectomy with laser
After frenectomy with laser