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Integrative Dental and Wellness Care creates Optimal Patient Outcomes

Integrative Care has benefits for doctors and patients and we are excited to join the movement at Stamm Dental Wellness.

Duke Integrative Medicine defines Integrative Healthcare as “an approach to patient care that seeks to integrate the best of western scientific medicine with a broader understanding of the nature of illness, healing and wellness. The care addresses the whole person, including body, mind, and spirit in the context of community.” I love this definition because it doesn’t throw out any of the benefits of modern medicine but instead adds the important element of looking at the whole person and not just the symptomatic parts.

I have had the opportunity to work and create integrative care models with chiropractic and medical management for chronic pain patients at pain hospital in Arizona. I have seen first hand how working together across different specialties gives a unique opportunity for complementary and conventional treatments to occur simultaneously. Also, when doctors and specialists can integrate their specific skill-sets under one roof, getting to the root of the symptoms, becomes a collaborative and positive journey for everyone involved.

The care providers can sit down together face-to-face and discuss the best approach. This collaboration happens in real time instead of having to share information over the phone or just sending notes and records out. Plus the patient doesn’t have to repeat his or her story over and over going from office to office, which saves time and frustration. We are excited to continue this positive health care trend at Stamm Dental Wellness. Our goal is to streamline our care so our patients get the best outcome possible. Thank you to our patient community for taking this new adventure in Dental Wellness with us. We are already seeing the amazing results this new integration will be able to produce (see below).

“Stamm Dental has forever changed my life in the best ways possible! Dr. Stamm has helped my jaw pain immensely by developing an individualized plan for me. Her compassion and empathy were clear from the first appointment. The addition of Dr. Chrissy as a chiropractor within Stamm Dental has allowed me to see significant improvement for many concerns (dental and otherwise) that I never thought could be addressed. The combination of dentistry and chiropractic care has been a very positive experience and I feel at home with all the wonderful staff of Stamm Dental. It is truly a pleasure from the moment I walk through the door to the moment I leave. Stamm Dental feels like a family. I am forever grateful! ”

-Rachel H (a happy integrative patient)

Dr. Chrissy Stamm-Christian

Dr. Chrissy is our Denver Chiropractor for Dental Wellness at Stamm Dental

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How to Floss Correctly for Optimal Dental Health Benefits

How to Floss: Not just the dance, but to correctly help your gums,teeth and smile

  • Get a piece of floss approximately 18 inches in length and wrap it around both middle fingers, with more on one finger than the other. Leave one to two inches of floss to utilize.
  • Hold the dental floss tightly between your thumb and index finger, slide it between your teeth up-and-down gently in a “C” shape motion.
  • Glide the dental floss between your teeth using a zig-zag motion, making sure to go gently beneath the gum line. Do not use too much pressure, this could cause bleeding and damage to gums.
  • Move from tooth to tooth, repeating the process and do not forget your very back teeth! They are susceptible to plaque, gum disease and tooth decay as well. 
  • Also check out our blog on Waterpik, if you hate flossing and want another options to keep health gums and teeth.

Spreading Kindness has Health Benefits

Kindness has health benefits that are amazing for both the giver and the receiver.

At Stamm Dental creating a happy, healthy, aligned community is our mission! That means more than just helping keep teeth healthy and pretty, but truly helping to transform our patient’s lives with exceptional dentistry and now wellness programs, like chiropractic. We want to be resource for whole body health by providing holistic dentistry, spinal and postural alignment help, optimal nutrition coaching, and boosting positive mind-set. We kicked this intention into gear with World Kindness Week, NOV 11-17th, with activities and gifts for our patients they can share with their family, friends and community. Come by the office to pick up a $50 gift certificate to pass to any of your friends and family members.

We chose to be kind to better the lives of others, but often it is the person acting kind that receives the biggest gift, both physically and mentally. Researcher Allan Luks and author of The Healing Power of Doing Good: The Health and Spiritual Benefits of Helping Others studied and surveyed volunteers of various organizations to find out how they felt after doing a kind act.

A total of 3,296 surveys were returned to Luks, and after a computerized analysis, he saw a clear cause and- effect relationship between helping and good health. Luks concluded, “Helping contributes to the maintenance of good health, and it can diminish the effect of diseases and disorders serious and minor, psychological and physical.” He also introduced the term “Helper’s High” and shares the physical reactions happening  in our bodies when being altruistic.

  • Releases endorphins – The “rush” of positive energy that you feel from doing a good deed is similar to the release of happy endorphins that make you feel good after exercise.
  • Reduces stress and boosts health – His research also  concluded that regular helpers are 10 times more likely to be in good health than people who don’t volunteer. 

We hope you will take us up on passing on our Gift of Wellness certificates to any friends, family, neighbors, teachers, or co-workers you think may enjoy or are in need of our services at Stamm Dental. We can’t wait to help them!




How often do I really need a dental cleaning

A common misconception is that a dental cleaning should be performed every six months on all human beings. While that frequency for dental cleanings will be enough for many healthy adults, it isn’t always what’s best for each patient.

Why, you ask, would I be any different?

Some signs you make need more frequent cleanings.
– Hygiene and/or tartar that has built up below the gums
– Stubborn stains on teeth from things like drinking coffee
– Pronounced gum bleeding/gingivitis when flossing
– Deeper pocketing do to gum inflammation that may also be related to bone loss.

Because these factors can impact your oral health negatively, you may need to come in more often and your cleanings may require more time. Coming in every three or four months will keep your smile looking beautiful and white. It will more importantly keep your gums healthy. The less time tartar and stain are sitting on your teeth, the lower your chance of getting decay or gum disease. Missing a cleaning appointment, or not sticking with the correct re-care frequency for your mouth, could be the difference between a healthy mouth and gingivitis or periodontal disease.

The monthly re-care appointment that your hygienist chooses for you, whether it is 3 months or 6 months, is very important to maintain your health or get you back to health.

At Stamm Dental we work hard to give you home care advice for preventative maintenance as well. Check out Sharon’s blog on the Waterpik.

Sometimes more than a “regular cleaning” is needed. Factors that require a periodontal cleaning or “deep cleaning” would be deeper pocketing, bone loss, and tartar that has built up below the gums. These are all the signs of periodontal disease. In order to get deeper under the gums, and keep the patient comfortable, sometimes requires anesthetic. More time is generally needed as well for these more in-depth cleanings. Your hygienist will typically have you back within a few weeks to evaluate the tissues, healing, and whether or not the disease has been halted. They then will require you to come in for maintenance cleanings every 3 or 4 months to maintain your oral health and keep a close eye on your tissues and bone levels. It is also very important to keep up with the home care routine that you, and your hygienist find fits your needs best, in order to prevent disease progression.

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Why Waterpik is a Good Investment and Which One to Choose


Why Waterpik is a Good Investment and Which One to Choose

Dental hygiene is my life work and passion! I absolute believe a waterpik is worth the investment for longevity of your teeth and optimal gum health. Here’s why:

* Waterpiks are super easy to use! Just Youtube a short tutorial video and you’re set!

*Waterpik flossers combine water pressure with power pulses to remove harmful bacteria and plaque! Its like a massage for your mouth and there is clinical research that, if used properly, it is 29% more effective than flossing alone!

*The waterpik nozzle/tip can be directed into the gumline to effectively flush out deeper pockets in periodontitis cases! This is my favorite!!

*It has special tips to use around braces, implants, bridges and crowns! This is so cool!!

Here is our Waterpik recommendations by brand and why:

Aquarius waterpik- Stamm Dental Denver                                             Advanced Cordless waterpik Stamm Dental Denver

*Aquarius-It has 10 levels, easy to use handle, several different tips. Takes up some countertop space but….its TOTALLY worth it! (currently $68.98)

*Advanced Cordless-It has 3 levels, all in one water reservoir and handle, different tips and the best part….Its WATERPROOF! So you could take a shower for your body and do your teeth all at the same time! (Currently $86.69)

Where can you get one of these amazing tools? Amazon is the only place that these two waterpiks are sold–so don’t waste a trip to the store. Buy one and get started on the road to healthier gums!
(We are not reimbursed by Waterpik for the above recommendations–this is purely my choices based on personal use and professional experience.)

-Sharon, your dental hygiene champion at Stamm Dental

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