Chiropractic Care is a Safe Treatment for Discomfort During Pregnancy

At Stamm Dental Wellness we combine chiropractic and dental care, to optimize your overall health. We love welcoming pregnant patients into the office for amazing dental services as well as assessing how their spine, pelvis and posture are responding to the rapid changes of pregnancy. Pregnancy is a very important time to take care of your mouth and body.  Making sure you get regularly teeth cleanings and check ups as well as chiropractic or physical therapy visits with a practitioner familiar with the specific techniques to assess and address the unique stresses pregnancy creates is important and safe.

There are many changes to spine and pelvis that can contribute to discomfort:

The discomforts of pregnancy can be treated safely with chiropractic

  • Change in your weight distribution can lead to forward head posture, creating more work for the muscles holding up your head all day. This can cause neck and shoulder pain, headaches and carpal tunnel symptoms.
  • Expansion of rib cage can cause discomfort in ribs, mid back or chest, which can also make it more difficult to breathe.
  • Titling pelvis can lead to low back and pubic bone pain as well as sciatica.
  • Changes in your gait or the way you walk can irritate your pelvis and hip joints.

Chiropractic adjustments help your body adapt to the rapid changes and can provide relief for any discomfort naturally. It also relaxes your nervous system which can ease tension and promote better rest. Our chiropractor, Dr. Chrissy Stamm-Christian, has a lot of experience helping pregnant feel good throughout their pregnancy. Contact us to schedule today!