Integrative Care has benefits for doctors and patients and we are excited to join the movement at Stamm Dental Wellness.

Duke Integrative Medicine defines Integrative Healthcare as “an approach to patient care that seeks to integrate the best of western scientific medicine with a broader understanding of the nature of illness, healing and wellness. The care addresses the whole person, including body, mind, and spirit in the context of community.” I love this definition because it doesn’t throw out any of the benefits of modern medicine but instead adds the important element of looking at the whole person and not just the symptomatic parts.

I have had the opportunity to work and create integrative care models with chiropractic and medical management for chronic pain patients at pain hospital in Arizona. I have seen first hand how working together across different specialties gives a unique opportunity for complementary and conventional treatments to occur simultaneously. Also, when doctors and specialists can integrate their specific skill-sets under one roof, getting to the root of the symptoms, becomes a collaborative and positive journey for everyone involved.

The care providers can sit down together face-to-face and discuss the best approach. This collaboration happens in real time instead of having to share information over the phone or just sending notes and records out. Plus the patient doesn’t have to repeat his or her story over and over going from office to office, which saves time and frustration. We are excited to continue this positive health care trend at Stamm Dental Wellness. Our goal is to streamline our care so our patients get the best outcome possible. Thank you to our patient community for taking this new adventure in Dental Wellness with us. We are already seeing the amazing results this new integration will be able to produce (see below).

“Stamm Dental has forever changed my life in the best ways possible! Dr. Stamm has helped my jaw pain immensely by developing an individualized plan for me. Her compassion and empathy were clear from the first appointment. The addition of Dr. Chrissy as a chiropractor within Stamm Dental has allowed me to see significant improvement for many concerns (dental and otherwise) that I never thought could be addressed. The combination of dentistry and chiropractic care has been a very positive experience and I feel at home with all the wonderful staff of Stamm Dental. It is truly a pleasure from the moment I walk through the door to the moment I leave. Stamm Dental feels like a family. I am forever grateful! ”

-Rachel H (a happy integrative patient)

Dr. Chrissy Stamm-Christian

Dr. Chrissy is our Denver Chiropractor for Dental Wellness at Stamm Dental