We have good news!! Dental care at Stamm Dental is the most comfortable it’s ever been thanks to our amazing Itero Element scanners! This service is free and a part of our patient records. Our goal is to have each patient scanned once a year.

Itero is an intra-oral scanner with amazing digital technology capabilities. The Itero is so incredible it replaces the need for the goopy traditional impressions. Traditionally, impressions were done by a dentist or dental assistant placing a tray of material into a tray and making a mold of your mouth for about two minutes. The impressions of your teeth can then be sent to a lab and used to make a crown, bridge, Invisalign, night guard, retainers, and other intra-oral devices. Anyone whose has an impression knows it’s messy, it’s uncomfortable, and it’s probably your least favorite part of being at the dentist. The Itero is making a positive impact on the way patients view impressions.

Stamm Dental is proud to being you the best quality of care and part of that is intergrading the most up to date technology in the industry. The Itero scanner features a wand which can safely and quickly capture scans of your teeth and gingival tissue. The images show up on the monitor, creating an accurate 3D model of your mouth. These scans can be sent out to the lab much more quickly, minimizing lab time and depleting shipping time. This less intrusive method eliminates discomfort and improves accuracy for the dentist to manufacture crowns, bridges, retainers, and Invisalign.

The Itero Element also offers time lapse technology that allows the dentist to show you how things are going in your mouth. Scans are taken annually and we can time lapse models to show wear, abfractions, recession, perio status, cracks, and fillings. This data helps patients to visualize abnormalities and enhances your understanding of needed treatment.


By: Ashley Grammer