Does your child snore? Does he or she take medications for ADD or ADHD? Have you noticed behavioral issues, challenges in school, overly tired or wetting the bed?

The behaviors listed above are only some of the indications a much more serious issue is ongoing, Pediatric Sleep Disordered Breathing (SDB); SDB is a generalized term that covers a variety of breathing difficulties during sleep. These disorders range from quiet snoring to sleep apnea, where a portion, or the entire airway is repeatedly, or always, blocked during sleep.


  • Snoring
  • Irritability
  • Bed wetting
  • Learning difficulties
  • Cardiovascular difficulties

When a child’s breathing is disrupted, the body recognizes this abnormal disruption as choking and in return slows heart rate, raises blood pressure, which sends signals to the brain that disrupt sleep. Lack of sleep affects your body and overall wellness.


For a number of years SDB has been tied to crowded and crooked teeth, arrested growth and development, assumed ADD or ADHD, and even bed-wetting. Dr. Stamm and Dr. Hernandez recommend Healthy Start to aid with the growth and development of your child’s joints and upper and lower jaw. Children starting at two years old will reap a lifetime of benefits from healthy airway and straighter teeth.


How does the healthy start system work?

The Healthy Start System addresses both the health issues in children as well as straightening teeth without braces. Four out of five kids are faced with at least one of the symptoms of Sleep Disorder Breathing. Healthy Start works to correct the root cause of these symptoms beginning with a compromised airway, a narrow arch which compromises the proper tongue position, and mouth breathing. Healthy Start has been shown to help relieve TMJ dysfunction and help the jaw and teeth begin to work properly together. From research, it can correct 83% of TMJ disfunction.

It is best to start treatment in young patients so they are able to benefit from the device as the adult teeth erupt, the process will need to last until all permanent teeth have come in. This is not as daunting as it may seem since the appliances may be worn passively at night or for brief periods during the day. Healthy Start works to ensure the jaw and teeth fit and work properly together, this allows the achieved results to be stable for life. Typically all adult teeth are erupted by 12 years of age.


Blog By: Ashley Grammer