Do I really need a sportsguard?

Whether it’s a little league, high school, professional sports, or just a hobby, a sports guard should always be worn when there is risk of getting hit in the mouth. The National Youth Sports Foundation for the Prevention of Athletic Injuries, Inc. reports the most common type of injury sustained during participation in sports is orofacial.  A mouth guard can help by protecting against fractured or chipped teeth, loss of teeth, and harm to the bone or root. This can save you a lot of money in the long run by preventing the need for extensive dental treatment.

Mouthguards are like airbags – they work to absorb the shock of the collision, the pressure of the impact is redirected onto the plastic sports guard instead of your teeth and jaws. By absorbing and dissipating facial impacts, mouthguards can significantly reduce the chances of incurring a mouth injury.

A custom-fitted sports guard made by your dentist is the best option for protecting against tooth and mouth trauma. In fact, a study confirmed that custom-fitted mouthguards can reduce your chances of concussion by more than 50%. Custom-fitted mouthguards are exactly that – made to not only fit snugly over your teeth but also into your mouth. Many athletes who use this kind of mouthguard notice that is has a very low profile effect in their mouths, which means it is much easier to breathe and speak around. A great fit means you’re less likely to take it out or misplace it. Custom-fitted mouthguards are also very durable, can be disinfected easily, and you can often custom-order yours with colors or logos.


Blog By: Ashley Grammer