Stress Awareness

April is stress awareness month. For many of us, stress is a common factor in our everyday lives. According to, a whopping 62% of Americans are stressed about money, 61% are stressed about their jobs, and 51% are stressed about violence and crime.


Think about it. Which category do you fall under?


In addition to its physical and mental consequences, stress can also be harmful to your oral health. Stress can cause clenching and grinding of your teeth, which dentists call abnormal attrition and bruxism. Bruxism is can occur during the day or while your sleeping and can cause a variety of discomforts.

  • Headaches
  • Soreness/pain in the jaw muscles and joints
  • Excessive tooth wear
  • Cause chipping, cracking, fracturing of teeth and restorations


So what can you do about it?

For what we call “daytime clenchers” it can be as easy as self discipline and teaching yourself to break bad habits. There are similar ways to deal with stress when it comes to different matters such as; taking a step back, breathing deep, meditation and creating a calmer more positive environment.


The use of stimulants and mind altering drugs such as coffee, prescription medications, and alcohol have also been associated with teeth grinding. There are a number of dental treatments that can help you to protect your teeth for excessive wear and damage.


The most common treatment method is an occlusal guard. An occlusal guard or “night guard” is a custom appliance made of plastic that fits comfortably over your teeth, it is worn at night and serves as a defense mechanism for your teeth. Other treatments such as bite equilibrium or orthodontics may be suggested in specific cases.


At Stamm Dental we use the most up to date technology to monitor your bite and any excessive wear on your teeth. If you’re interested in finding out more information about how stress can affect your oral health, please call out office to schedule a consultation (303) 839-5109.


Blog By: Ashley Grammer