What to do when a temporary crown falls off?

It doesn’t happen often, but it can happen! We know what it’s like on a Saturday afternoon when your temporary crown comes off and your dentist is closed. The tooth can be sensitive, it can be a weird feeling, and all together frustrating to try to avoid eating on one side of the mouth.

Temporary crowns serve the purpose of protecting your tooth and preventing any further shifting while your permanent crown is being made. temporary crowns are shaped to fit your tooth by your dental assistant and are set with temporary adhesive. Often times you are given verbal instructions to stay away from sticky, chewy, or dense items.

A temporary crown is just that-temporary. We do our best to ensure your temporary will stay on for about two weeks and then can be easily taken off once the permanent has been received. But, what if your temporary comes off before the temporary has come back from the lab?

  1. First, if the temporary crown has not been removed from your mouth- please remove it immediately. You don’t want to swallow or inhale your crown.
  2.  Don’t panic! These are crowns are temporary. There is a fine line between we need it to stay on for two weeks and we need to easily remove the temporary in two weeks.
  3. Examine your temporary crown and tooth. Has the entire temporary crown fallen off? Is the temporary crown in pieces? Is it cracked? Does your tooth look cracked or damaged? Remember, you want to have as many details as possible before calling your dental office.

Always follow your dentists advice. He or she may want you to re-cement your crown using dental glue that can be purchased at your local drugstore or your dentist may want you to come in for an appointment to have your temporary crown replaced.


By: Ashley Grammer