5 tips for Boosting Health and Avoiding Illness 

We are surrounded by people, toxins, and germs in our environment. With the spreading Coronavirus, now more than ever it is important to keep our bodies strong, happy and healthy. Yes, we can wash our hands and limit our exposure to groups of people, but the truth is exposure to bacteria or viruses that can cause illness cannot be completely avoided. The good news is boosting our immune function is possible and in our control!  A strong body and immune system help fight off threats all year long. 

1.Get Good Sleep:  Sleep is hugely important when it comes to immune function. When you are sleeping, your mind may be at rest, but your body is not. During sleep is when many of your detoxification and immune cells are hard at work. Making sure your sleep routine sets you up for sleep success is so important. Read more sleep hygiene tips here.  Also, Mouth-taping is a safe way to improve your quality of sleep and promote nasal-breathing. Check out these Mouth-Tape Instructions.


2. Hydrate with Clean Water:  Our bodies are composed mostly of water. When we have optimally hydrated our bodies function properly. Our blood flows easier allowing oxygen to be delivered to all of our organs, tissues, and cells. Our lymphatic system, which helps gather bacteria and toxins, can function optimally allowing a better immune and detoxification response.  But it is important to know if the water you are drinking is helping or hurting your health. The water you drink should be free of harmful chemicals, contaminants and waste products that can harm. If you are interested in getting your water (bottled, tap or filtered) tested email, Dr. Chrissy Christian, at [email protected] and she will connect you with a free in-home test. 


3. Be Diligent with Oral Care: The mouth is the entry point to our digestive and respiratory tracts. Infection and disease in our oral cavity affect our entire body. If our gums are inflamed or we have a cavity eating at our teeth, our body’s immune system is under stress. This extra stress can make it harder to fight off outside viruses and bacteria we may come in contact with. So it is important to prioritize getting our mouths to a healthy, balanced state to boost our overall well-being. 

    1. Rinse/gargle with saltwater
    2. Use fluoride/xylitol tooth building products  
    3. Stay on top of your dental care and don’t ignore issues that need attention.  


4. Eat Whole Foods and Supplement when Needed:  We are in control of what we put in our bodies and can choose healthy options if we know what they are. Eating whole foods and avoiding processed foods is the best way to fortify our bodies with the nutrients we need. Dr. Heather Stamm recommends soups, grass-fed meat, and lots of veggies.  Check out her video here for tips and our Blog on with more recommendations for what to eat and what to avoid. 

Probiotics- Our body is living with millions of bacteria, a good portion of this bacteria is in our gut (which starts in our mouth). If the bacteria is good bacteria and stays in balance with the bad, then our body functions optimally. If the bad bacteria begin to take over we get sick.  

-Vit D3, A and K are important components in our adaptive and innate immune function. Sunlight can help with Vit D, but sometimes supplements are needed to balance all three. Here is a link to natural supplement source Dr. Chrissy recommends including many good probiotics and mineral support for your family. https://us.fullscript.com/welcome/drchrissy


5. Take time to Relax, Re-set and Rejuvenate. Acute stress creates a cascade of physiological events in our bodies that promote survival, but when stress becomes chronic it contributes to many health issues and disease processes.  The presence of the stress hormone corticosteroid inhibits normal immune function by lowering the number of lymphocytes (white blood cell) that fights off infection (1) 

Having healthy stress management strategies like practicing regular meditation, getting bodywork like massage and chiropractic, and doing yoga or exercise are some good ways to reconnect to your body and de-stress. 

 A quick tip to start today: Mindful Handwashing. Take a moment to re-set to the present moment every time you wash your hands. Take a breath, feel the temperature of the water, smell the scent of the soap and truly enjoy the ritual of cleaning your hands throughout your day. It will help keep you safe and healthy, body and mind!

We are here for you! Let us know how we can support you to be healthy and happy this year. Call 303-839-5109 to make an appointment.

All our best,

Dr. Chrissy Christian and Dr. Heather Stamm


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